empowering creators and a future where collaboration goes beyond transactions

an undeniable gap has persisted, creating a disconnect between brands, creators, and affiliate marketing. The Creator Society is a comprehensive solution that will offer a single destination for 360 management, affiliate marketing strategy, brand partnerships, and creator-founded brands. This partnership creates a one-stop shop for creators that will help them to capitalize on revenue opportunities. By consolidating these elements, the new company presents a singular hub for creators to leverage a multitude of revenue opportunities.

is at the center of everything we do. At The Creator Society, our team brings together over 15 years of experience working with social media creators across various platforms. We are driven by a shared belief in the immense value of creators and the importance of fostering authentic partnerships. In this society, there are no compromises for the creator, the brand, or the agency. Instead, we collectively work to empower creators and create a future where collaboration goes beyond transactions.

Our Services

Not only do we offer a hybrid of talent management and affiliate growth/management services, we also offer the ability to utilize any of our services however it fits best for your brand. Our management services not only include casting you for brand deals but also LTK and Amazon collaboration management.

360 Management

Our management services not only include casting you for brand deals but also LTK and Amazon collaboration management.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Our affiliate growth services include a custom strategy plan for your personal affiliate accounts plus the implementation of it as well. With our affiliate account managers, you’ll have someone in your account five days a week looking at what’s working, what’s not, and how to grow on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. We not only help curate a growth plan, but also help implement it. We work closely with LTK as one of their preferred partners. 

Brand Partnerships

Our talent managers are actively casting our roster for large brand deals for your platforms and looking for long-term opportunities. Many of our creators have their own clothing or home lines or have been featured on major networks.

Creator-Founded Brands

Our roster is more than numbers – they’re a community. We work with creators who are enthusiastic about empowering each other. Many of our clients have their own brands, so our services lie in both helping to dream up that vision with you AND including the TCS community to promote those brands.

The Creators

The TCS Community includes home, fashion, and lifestyle creators as well as Tiktok and Youtube Influencers. Our creators have been featured at LTK Con, VidCon, and many more. We are proud to represent clients in their long-term endeavors, including book deals, clothing lines, and TV appearances.

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The Committee

The Creator Society was co-founded in 2024 by Larry Shapiro from Ensemble Digital Studios and Madison Luscombe, Natalie Driver, and Sarah Estrada from 2 Social Co. This merge brings together the power of influencing from a 360 approach. TCS Co-Founders and Co-Operators are supported by a team of over 12 account managers specializing in brand deals and affiliate knowledge.

Larry Shapiro has a successful 20+ year track record of managing and producing creative in all forms of media and pioneering the convergence between next gen talent and traditional Hollywood. As CEO of The Creator Society,...
Madison is a public relations specialist with an unwavering commitment to nurturing strong, lasting relationships with her clients. Her approach to content creation is rooted in authenticity, ensuring that every piece she crafts not only represents but also empowers the essence of each creator and brand she touches...
Natalie has a rich background in the world of modeling and acting spanning nearly a decade, Natalie embarked on a transformative journey into the realm of creators and influencers. In August 2020, she co-founded 2 Social Co., a dynamic full-service affiliate marketing agency that has become a pivotal force in this ever-evolving industry...
Sarah is The Creator Society’s dedicated and passionate Chief Operating Officer. With a profound commitment to supporting creators, brands, and businesses prioritizing communities, Sarah brings a unique blend of creativity and business acumen to the forefront...